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Qualified first aid for global promotion of your business

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We treat business illnesses related to promotion

  • My team includes only trusted professionals and each one is responsible for their own area
  • We don’t get sick, we don’t rest, we don’t miss deadlines, we don’t believe in force majeure
  • We love your business as much as you do

Clinical symptoms

What to do if media ignore us?

What to do if no one knows about us?

What to do if there is an online smear campaign against us?

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Effective treatment requires diagnosis

Doc, we have a problem. We’ve tried everything, nothing helps. How should we treat this?

Diagnosis first, then treatment

Diagnosis goes before treatment – it will help analyze objective circumstances and understand:

  • How journalists, trendsetters and clients view the company
  • What you show to clients and media
  • Where you are in the information field compared to your competitors

Strategy, tactics and a step-by-step plan instead of chaos

Now we know what the problem is.
What’s next? How do we solve it?

I’ll give you a prescription.

I will help you:

  • Build relationships with media and bloggers in Russia and abroad
  • Publish expert columns, comments, articles in major media
  • Clean up your social media accounts in numerous languages: Russian, English, Chinese and all European languages
  • Prepare a publication plan and content for all your channels and highlight key points
  • Create a community around the brand and set up a system for managing feedback
  • Present the brand to investors in a convincing way

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First aid if there’s an emergency

Doc, it’s going down, everyone is panicking! We’ve got no time! Please help!

You need anti-crisis measures.

I will help you:

  • Find the cause of a crisis: sabotage, a vengeful former employee, a delayed reaction to a complaint, a data leak
  • Fix the situation quickly and offset reputational damage
  • Run diagnostics – I will find specific problems that need to be solved immediately

You will also get:

  • An action plan and scripted responses for critical and unexpected situations
  • A protocol that will protect you from an accidental data leak
  • An algorithm for working with difficult clients

I have been helping businesses recover for 15 years now


We manage projects in 20 countries, from Scandinavia to Latin America


Our clients have been mentioned in media 80,000 times


We have raised $50,000,000 of investment

Agency Vista Verified Badge

Agency Vista Verified

McDonald’s. PR support in regions

First PR-award for small and medium-sized businesses.

VTB. A special project for entrepreneurs
Singapore, 2019

Pharmedu. The founder’s personal brand

Quppy. International PR and marketing for a payment system

PR campaign for the Midex exchange

Launch of Otkritie Arena stadium

Russian National Exhibition
Paris, 2010

Major media who wrote about our clients

and get a free consultation

The first consultation is always free

We work in all countries and cities, with companies of all sizes – from startups to giants.

We are interested in projects in tech, healthcare, finance, FMCG, sports, manufacturing, modern design and digital.

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